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Orion Ornamental Iron Promotes New Bohemia Drapery Hardware

Posted on: April 14, 2011

Orion Ornamental Iron announces the introduction of its new Bohemia Drapery Hardware line.  The Bohemia line consists of decorative, hand-crafted, faceted Crystalique finials.  “We are offering our Bohemia Collection with the look, sparkle and glamour of crystal, without the usual high prices,” says Atul Patel, President of Orion. “Bohemia prices will continue to be around $50-$75/each retail, which makes them very accessible in today’s market.”

The drapery hardware line is hand-crafted of crystal-glass to produce Orion’s unique Bohemia finials and now includes 20 faceted finials in unique shapes and sizes.  The collection is designed to fit three sizes of curtain rods: ¾”, 1”, and 1-1/4”, all in round iron curtain rods.  These curtain rods are available in Orion’s 31 Iron Art Finishes, as well as 6 contemporary metal plated iron finishes.

“With the multiple finishes and custom colors that we are offering,” says Patel, “the look of this Drapery Hardware line and its curtain rods can range from traditional to very contemporary. It gives designers a wide range of choices.”

Orion Ornamental Iron is noted for its wood finials, curtain rods, and other drapery hardware. The company currently offers more than 300 styles of finials, including wood finials, iron finials, resin finials, crystal finials and glass finials. Orion also offers nearly 64 styles of curtain rods, including iron, inlay, wood and decorative curtain rods.

“We feel that our range of products, including all of our drapery hardware offerings and our curtain rods, give designers an extensive selection to present to their clients – in terms of styles, in ranges of price points, and in a wide selection of finishes,” says Patel.

“Our New York Wood Collection line includes wood finials to fit 1-3/8” curtain rods, as well as wood finials to fit 2”, 2-1/4”, and 3” wood curtain rods. All of these wood finials and their curtain rods are available in Orion’s 31 Iron Art and 11 Wood Art Finishes, as well as custom. We want Orion to be known among designers as the company to go to for drapery hardware, curtain rods and wood finials.”

Source: http://www.prlog.org/11361226-orion-ornamental-iron-promotes-new-bohemia-drapery-hardware.html


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