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Orion Ornamental Iron Wins 3 ADEX Awards

Posted on: August 11, 2011

Orion Ornamental Iron announced it has won 3 of the industry’s prestigious ADEX Awards for 2011: Orion won the Platinum Award for Designers’ Choice SleekFascia Traversing, the Gold Award for Tuscany Traversing, and the Silver Award for Clip-A-Crown decorative metal valences for blinds.”

The 2011 ADEX competition attracted over 3000 entries which were judged by a panel of professionals representing a cross section of experts from the design industry.

ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of hardware, furniture, etc. marketed to the design trade.  Design Journal, the international traditional publication for interior designers and architects, has sponsored the awards since 1994.

“We feel that Orion offers one of the largest varieties of finials and drapery hardware lines in the window treatment hardware industry,” said Atul Patel, President. “Our decorative drapery hardware has been created to give designers a wide selection of iron, resin, crystal, glass, and wood finials, and also of iron, embossed metal, and wood drapery rods in an extensive variety of styles and finishes.”

“Winning these prestigious industry awards is certainly a nice validation of our company and our product offerings,” added Sunil Patel, CEO, Orion.

Designers’ Choice SleekFascia (2011 Platinum Winner), a traversing hardware line with eight contemporary, traditional and transitional designs, offers distinctively different, decorative flat iron rods, with matching brackets, and with square rings – all with heavy duty traversing hardware automatically included.  It is available in single or double traversing, with finials from Orion’s extensive collection of Iron Finials.  The hardware is available in Orion’s 31 Iron Art finishes, plus custom; track is offered in four designer colors. The Designers’ Choice collection, as are most Orion traversing rods, is offered motorized with Somfy motorization, as well as non-motorized.

Tuscany Traversing Collection of lightweight embossed metal rods (2011 Gold Winner) offers many attractive features for today’s discerning interior designers: 11 distinctive designs; single or double systems in heavy duty track; up to 30 feet in length; 31 Iron Art finishes, plus custom; selected finials from Orion’s entire Iron Finial and Village Forge Collections.  Tuscany traversing is available motorized with Somfy or non-motorized with cord or baton draw.

“Introducing the Tuscany Traversing line is a great expansion of our Designers’ Choice traversing hardware line,” added Patel. It includes heavy duty traversing hardware in both iron and wood, with single and double traversing rods, all with track available in 4 designer finishes.

“We want Orion to be known for offering the widest selection of drapery hardware in the design industry,” said Patel. “The embossed designs of Tuscany Traversing, coupled with a wide selection of finials, all available with Somfy motorization, are a good example of our product innovation.”

Clip-A-Crown (2011 Silver Winner) is unique decorative metal valences for blinds.  These ultra-easy-to-install metal valences are available in 10 decorative designs in custom cut widths and four different heights.  The Clip-A-Crown valences, offered with or without returns, are lightweight, embossed metal which are available in Orion’s 31 Iron Art finishes, as well as custom colors.  Clip-A-Crown is designed for both new and existing blinds.

“We provide custom curtain rods and custom finials,” said Atul Patel.  “Our drapery hardware makes a designer’s life easier because it is made to order and includes an extensive selection of hand-painted finishes, traversing and non-traversing styles, Somfy motorization and also heavy duty hardware.”

Orion, which sells wood and iron drapery rods up to 30 feet in length, in traversing and non-traversing styles, makes all of them available as custom curtain rods or in standard lengths, in custom and standard finishes.   Orion has won ADEX Awards for a number of products, including: Platinum (2010) for Swing Arms, Platinum (2009) for KBlair Finials, as well as Silver (2007) Diamante Reflections mirrors and Silver (2007) for Bohemia Crystal, Platinum (2006) for Venezia hardware and Gold (2006) for Village Forge iron finials, among others.

Source: http://www.prlog.org/11588484-orion-ornamental-iron-wins-3-adex-awards.html


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