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Orion Ornamental Iron Offers Great Choices in Finials & Rods

Posted on: December 15, 2011

Orion Ornamental Iron announces it now offers nearly 300 finials (160 iron finials, 20 glass finials, 27 crystal finials, 34 Wood Finials, and 53 resin finials) and more than 37 styles of drapery rods (12 iron rods, 19 decorative rods, and 6 Inlay rods). The California-based company recently celebrated its 27th year in business.

“We feel that Orion offers one of the most beautiful, as well as one of the largest varieties of finials and drapery rods in the window treatment hardware industry,” said Sunil Patel, CEO. “Our decorative window treatment hardware has been created to give designers a wide selection of iron, resin, crystal, glass, and wood finials, and also of iron and wood drapery rods in an extensive variety of styles and finishes.”

Orion, which sells wood and iron Drapery Rods up to 30 feet in length, in traversing and non-traversing styles, makes all of them available as custom curtain rods or in standard lengths, in custom and standard finishes.   With the acquisition of KBlair Finials early in 2008, Orion added that company’s distinctive Inlay Rods, handcut crystal finials, and unique resin finials to its offerings.

“One of our most recent introduction is our Designers’ Choice traversing hardware line,” added Patel.  This traversing line consists of heavy duty traversing hardware in both iron and wood.  It includes single and double traversing rods, all with track available in 4 designer finishes.  “And,” notes Patel, “all of these heavy duty traversing rods are available with and without rings – an industry first.”  The Iron Art drapery rods are available in 31 finishes and the Wood Art drapery hardware rods are available in 11 different finishes.

“We want Orion to be known as the company which offers the most unique and the widest selection of window treatment hardware in the design industry,” said Patel.  “Through the acquisition of KBlair Finials, we now offer that distinctive line of hand-cut crystal finials, which are available as crystal medallions, crystal drapery finials, and crystal stair newels.  One of the many reasons we acquired this outstanding company was because of its lovely hand-painted resin finials and its Inlay Rods, which are another first in the drapery rod industry.”

“Orion’s goal is to always be at the forefront in new designs and product offerings.  In this difficult economic time,” added Patel, “we are reaching out to our interior designers to help them by offering an extensive line of finials in iron, crystal, wood and resin, together with iron and wood drapery rods.  We provide custom curtain rods and custom finials.  Our drapery rods make a designer’s life easier because they come up to 30 feet in length, in an extensive selection of hand-painted finishes, and in traversing and non-traversing styles and with heavy duty hardware,” added Patel.

“And, an added bonus,” said Patel, “is that they are shipped already assembled.”


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