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Orion Ornamental Iron Offers Diversity in Curtain Rods & Finials

Posted on: January 2, 2012

Orion Ornamental Iron announces it now offers nearly 325 finials (160 iron finials, 20 glass finials, 53 resin finials, 32 crystal finials,  and 34 wood finials) and multiple styles of drapery rods (12 iron rods, 19 decorative rods, and 6 Inlay rods). Founded in 1983, this North Hollywood, California-based company will soon celebrate nearly 30 years in business.

“Orion offers one of the most diverse collections of curtain Finials and rods in the window treatment hardware industry,” said Sunil Patel, CEO. “Our Drapery Hardware has been created to give designers a wide selection of iron, glass, crystal, resin, and wood finials, and also of wood and iron drapery rods in our exclusive selection of styles and finishes.”

With the recent addition of the Tuscany Traversing line of drapery hardware and the expansion of the Bohemia line of crystal curtain finials, Orion has even more to offer.

“The Tuscany Traversing hardware line,” added Patel, “is made from lightweight embossed metal with 11 designs ranging from those with a traditional look, to transitional, to contemporary.  This line automatically includes heavy duty traversing hardware as well as offering both single and double traversing rods, all with track available in 4 designer finishes.”

In addition to Orion’s other iron rod traversing lines, Tuscany Traversing is available in 35 finishes, plus custom.

Orion recently expanded the Bohemia Collection of crystal finials on iron rods.  These 22 crystal finials are unique not only for their wide variety of shapes (round, oblong, oval, cube, etc.), but also for their exceptionally affordable price.  Because they can be used on three sizes of Orion’s iron rods, and because the rods are available in 35 finishes, the look of Bohemia Curtain Hardware ranges from traditional to modern, depending on the combinations chosen.

Orion’s goal is to be at the forefront of new designs.  “We provide all kinds of curtain hardware: custom drapery rods and custom finials.  Our drapery rods make a designer’s life easier because they come in an extensive selection of hand-painted finishes, and in traversing and non-traversing styles, and with heavy duty hardware,” added Patel.


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